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Department of Computer Science and Engineering


Programme Outcomes (POs)

Students are able to- 

PO 1: Be able to get placed by developing all round personality.
PO 2: Be able to communicate effectively in real life situation.
PO 3: Be able to apply computing, scientific and mathematical knowledge in real life problem solving.
PO 4: Be able to work in team, with ethics and social responsibilities.
PO 5: Be able to research in the areas of complex problem related to computer science and information technology.
PO 6: Be able to identify the need of computational technology for social welfare and implement the same.
PO 7: Be able to analyze the data and decision making with logical and critical thinking.
PO 8: Be able to engage in continuous computer professional development.
PO 9: Be able to generate solutions for interdisciplinary problem in computing fields.
PO 10: Be able to design computer based algorithms and systems.
PO 11: Be able to recognize the need for lifelong learning in the field of computer technology.
Programme Educational Outcomes (PEOs)
PEO 1: Graduates will have able to find employment in research sectors, software & IT industries and related sectors.
PEO 2: Graduates will have prepared for admission in the institute of repute for postgraduate program.
PEO 3: Graduates will have able to demonstrate skills in presentation, leadership, teamwork, social responsibility and entrepreneurship.
PEO 4: Graduates will have able to work for interdisciplinary research by using modern computer techniques.
Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)
PSO 1: Ability to implement the learned principles of computer Engineering to analyze, evaluate and create more advanced application.
PSO 2: Ability to apply the acquired computer Engineering knowledge for the advancement of society and self.