Prominent Alumni

Sagar Institute of Research and Technology – Excellence (SIRTE), our alumni community stands as a testament to our institute's strength.

Our graduates have ventured into various fields, contributing significantly within the country and globally. Among them, individuals serve in esteemed positions across government sectors, the Indian Army, Indian Navy, renowned software corporations like TCS and INFOSYS, as well as in the domain of research.

The active involvement of our alumni in mentoring current students is a core aspect known as 'Handholding.' This initiative, conducted both online and offline, encompasses diverse sessions. Covering topics ranging from time management and career prospects to skill augmentation, these sessions are facilitated by our esteemed alumni.

Formally registered, the SIRTE Alumni Association is driven by a vision to reconnect with our alma mater, focusing on several key objectives:

  • • Cultivating a strong sense of brotherhood and leadership among our alumni.
  • • Providing a platform for exchanging ideas on educational, cultural, social, and academic fronts.
  • • Advocating for the welfare and interests of our alumni.
  • • Organizing various social and cultural events.
  • • Assisting institute students in securing placements.
  • • Expanding our Alumni Association by establishing chapters in different cities.
  • • Hosting regular alumni gatherings to foster growth and solidarity within our community.

Sr. No. Name of Alumni Batch Designation Company Name
1 Sachin Patil 2015 Software Developer Grand Centra NW INC, USA
2 Ankit Mishra 2015 PHP Developer Collebra
3 Devashish 2015 Assisstant Manager Union Bank
4 Dhali 2015 Assisstant Manager Union Bank
5 Anjali Shroti 2015 Area Officer Nagar Nigam (M.P.)
6 Palak Jain 2015 Quality Analyst ISC Software
7 Priya Saxena 2015 Tech Support Engineer RelienceCore
8 Sourav Joshi 2015 Operational Head Bank
9 Mithun Yadav 2014 DB Engineer Orange Data Tech
10 Diksha Gour 2016 Software Developer Cognizant
11 Abhishek Raja 2014 Junior Software Developer Zaipit
12 Sweeti Rajput 2017 Web Deveopler Aviness Technology
13 Pinki Gupta 2017 Project Associate Bank
14 Vikas Maurya 2017 Senior Business Analyst Techno Spark
15 Yash Gupta 2018 Project Engineer L&T
16 Rizwan Sheikh 2018 Web Deveopler TechnicalTech Co
17 Ajay Kumar Magarde 2019 Software Developer Infosys
18 Priyanshi Anand 2019 Software Developer Cyber Infrastructure
19 Aman Chourasia 2020 Software Developer Innoeye
20 Amit Minto 2020 HR Search Solar Energy
21 Aniruddh Shrivastava 2020 Software Developer HCL
22 Sandeep Pawar 2020 Tech Support Engineer Ossitech Co
23 Sourabh Rathore 2021 Software Developer Moreyeaha
24 Yash Jain 2021 Software Developer Tech Mahindra
25 Apeksha Upadhyay 2013 Assisstant Manager Cooperative Bank
26 Pankaj Panjwani 2013 Instructor YCT Academy
27 Amit Kumar Sharma 2014 JRF MPCST
28 Reepandeep Kaur 2016 Software Developer TCS
29 Mr Shivam 2021 Software Developer Netlink
30 Ajay Wadekar 2008 Research Associate MANIT Bhopal
31 Shivam Tomar 2021 Software Developer Netlink
32 Vikalp Tiwari 2020 Software Developer Netlink
33 Rituraj 2020 Software Developer Netlink
34 Kapil Namdev 2020 Software Developer Netlink
& many more...

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